Monday, November 30, 2009

Follow Me

The Sunday before Thanksgiving I was privileged with the opportunity to preach at our church (North Point Christian Church). You see, having been an associate pastor and a senior pastor causes one to crave the opportunity to open God's Word and preach! The message was entitled Follow Me based out of Matthew 4:18-22. Jesus ask Peter, Andrew, James and John to follow Him unconditionally. Don't worry, I won't re-preach the message. I just was reminded again that yes, we only have this one life to live and I really want to please God with it and to accomplish His perfect will in my life. Preaching will always be a part of my life - I would love to preach full-time again if God would ever grant me the privilege. He has put a longing in my heart to carry His Word to the hungry, the longing, the lonely, the needy, and even the rebellious. I guess that is my prayer - that someday I will be able to pastor again. In the mean time I am to patiently follow my Savior unconditionally - but I AM WAITING!! One of my favorite songs is by John Waller "While I'm Waiting" - the words go like this: I'm waiting I'm waiting on You, Lord And I am hopeful I'm waiting on You, Lord Though it is painful But patiently, I will wait. I will move ahead, bold and confident Taking every step in obedience While I'm waiting I will serve You While I'm waiting I will worship While I'm waiting I will not faint I'll be running the race Even while I wait. I'm waiting I'm waiting on You, Lord And I am peaceful I'm waiting on You, Lord Though it's not easy But faithfully, I will wait Yes, I will wait I will serve You while I'm waiting I will worship while I'm waiting I will serve You while I'm waiting I will worship while I'm waiting I will serve you while I'm waiting I will worship while I'm waiting on You, Lord.
Maybe the Lord wants me to be Still and Know the He is God for a season in my life!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Going through the motions

In Matthew 23:23 Jesus Christ was announcing judgement on the Pharisees and He said: "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness. These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others." This morning in our church I was asked to do the offering meditation in which I used this verse to point out that our worship through tithes and offerings is not about making a show, but rather a demonstration of our faithful, obedient love for our God. I am saddened that so many so-called "Christians" do all the "right" actions, but the reality is that their hearts are far from what God would desire. The matter of justice, mercy, and faithfulness are not present. These people are concerned about #1 and that is usually evident when either matters in life do not go their way or you cross them somehow. Where did brotherly love go? Where did a selfless love of our God go? I believe that we are so wrapped up in our culture that what "they" think is all-important. No, off course we would never say this out-right, but the actions of so many "Christians" scream this. So, when we go to church, we go through the motions, give a little money and say the right things, but I ask: What condition is your heart? Would God call you or me a hypocrite!?!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This blog will be about matters that are important to me. At times life is messy, hard, funny, enjoyable, final, and crazy. The only stable factor in life is my God. My guide is the Bible, and though I am not even remotely close to perfect, I do try to please God with my life. May these blog posts allow you to follow my journey as a husband and father - all the while trying to grow into the image of my God!